Nicolette. 16. INFJ in NJ.

I do not want to be human. I want to be myself. They think I am a lion, that I will chase them. I will not deny I have lions in me. I am the monster in the wood. I have wonders in my house of sugar. I have parts of myself I do not yet understand. - Catherynne M. ValenteSilently and Very Fast  (via oh-girl-among-the-roses)

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You have clipped wings and scars from when people told you that you were too young and too human and too weak to scale the troposphere with your eyes closed, but you were born from the earth and you were born from a wave of your mothers love and you will end up somewhere in a horizon between the two. - Shinji Moon, Here Is What I Wish They Said (via infinite-garden)

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revolution, n.
  1. a complete or momentous change
  2. the action by a celestial body of going round in an orbit or elliptical course; also: the revolution of the Earth about the sun; a calendar year
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